Fudo Junmai Super Spicy Once-Pasteurized Carbon-Free Filtration 720ml/1800ml

不動(ふどう) 純米 超辛 一度火入れ 無炭素濾過の全体像
不動(ふどう) 純米 超辛 一度火入れ 無炭素濾過のラベル
不動(ふどう) 純米 超辛 一度火入れ 無炭素濾過のラベル左側面
不動(ふどう) 純米 超辛 一度火入れ 無炭素濾過のラベル右側面
不動(ふどう) 純米 超辛 一度火入れ 無炭素濾過のサブラベル
不動(ふどう) 純米 超辛 一度火入れ 無炭素濾過の裏ラベル
不動(ふどう) 純米 超辛 一度火入れ 無炭素濾過の上部

Fudo Junmai Super Spicy Once-Pasteurized Carbon-Free Filtration 720ml/1800ml

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[Fudo Junmai super spicy Burning once carbon-free filtration]

Super dry sake that is particularly popular among the popular Fudo

With a sake degree of +17 to +18 , this is a super dry sake that competes for 1st or 2nd place.
Carbon-free filtration is used to emphasize the original rich taste of rice.
A calm and soothing scent. It's a sake with a good sharpness while feeling the umami of rice.

Because it is not filtered with carbon, it is extremely dry, but it has a rich and rounded taste. It has almost no sweetness, but it has a moderately rich and refreshing aftertaste.
An all-rounder dry sake that can be enjoyed in a wide range of temperatures.

Fudo Junmai Super Spicy Once-Pasteurized Carbon-Free Filtration Taste Graph

Category: Sake ( junmaishu )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , rice koji ( domestic )
Rice used: 100 % Miyamanishiki from Akita Prefecture
Rice polishing ratio: 65 %
Sake degree: +17 to 18
Alcohol content: 15 degrees
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature
Manufacturer Nabe store ( Chiba Prefecture )

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