Reasons for writing tasting articles

by IsobeYamato

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Hello, this is Yamato Isobe.

This is sudden, but can you choose your favorite sake with confidence ?

Maybe, but I don't think you can answer "yes" to this question unless you are fairly experienced.

There are several reasons.

  • Even with the same brand, the taste varies from year to year (external factors)

  • I don't know my favorite taste (internal factor)

  • There is no knowledge of alcohol in the first place (internal factor)

There are various factors besides this, and I think that it is difficult to choose your favorite sake.

What's wrong with this situation?

Some people may not like to use this expression, but
To put it bluntly, we will pursue only the hard-to-find brands that everyone wants.

I think that's what it means.

Hard-to-find brands are popular, so the probability of being delicious is high.
That being said, when I find a hard-to-find brand at a liquor store or online store, I jump on it with haste.

Of course that's fine, but I want to say it from the standpoint of a liquor store.

Even if it's unknown, there's super good sake!

I want you to know more sake!

And I want you to know more about the charm of alcohol! !

I spent my time secretly thinking about such things.
That's where I had a flash.

When I run a liquor store, I often get samples from breweries, so I thought it would be good to tell them the " taste" of the liquor that I thought was really delicious and " what kind of person would you recommend it to?"

This tasting article will help you choose sake,
I would appreciate it if you could help me with your sake life.

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