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A must-see for dry sake lovers! A list of light, dry sakes, how to choose them, and a popular ranking!

"What dry sake would you recommend?" is the most frequently asked question we receive from customers.
It's true that with so many varieties, it can be difficult to find which dry sake is available and which dry sake is to your liking .

Dry sake is loved by many sake lovers, but it can be broadly divided into "light, dry" and "rich, dry" . On this page, we will introduce how to choose "light, dry" sake , a list of our carefully selected sakes, and the latest popular rankings .

[What is light, dry sake?]
Light, dry sake is characterized by its refreshing taste and sharpness , and is sometimes described as clean, refreshing, and mild.
It is loved by many people, from beginners to advanced drinkers, because it is relatively easy to drink and pairs well with any type of food.

[Key points for distinguishing light, dry sake]
The quickest way to tell if a sake is dry is to decipher the label and descriptions!
The label may state "dry" or "light," but unfortunately, in many cases there is no such indication. When doing so, be sure to check the sake meter value, acidity, and amino acid content.

[Brief explanation of each item]
・Sake meter value: The more positive the number, the drier the sake, and the more negative the number, the sweeter the sake.
- Acidity: The lower the number, the lighter the taste; the higher the number, the richer the taste.
- Amino acid content: The lower the number, the cleaner the taste; the higher the number, the richer the flavor.

If we judge based on these numbers, light, dry sake has a high + (plus) value for Sake Meter and low acidity and amino acid content . However, the world of sake involves many different factors, such as aroma and taste, and it is true that it cannot be judged by numbers alone.

There are no numerical values ​​listed, so I don't know./I like dry sake, but there are so many types that I can't choose./I don't usually drink sake, so which one should I choose?
In times like these, leave it to Isobe Liquor Store!
We have prepared a list of carefully selected light, dry sakes as well as the latest popularity ranking of light, dry sakes , so please use this as a reference when selecting sake.
146 products
Japanese sake
春鶯囀 八神峰 純米の全体像
春鶯囀 八神峰 純米のラベル
Shunnoten Yagamimine pure rice 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,450
Japanese sake
つや姫 なんどでも 純米吟醸の全体像
つや姫 なんどでも 純米吟醸のラベル
Tsuyahime Nandodemo Junmai Ginjo 500ml/1800ml
from ¥968
Japanese sake
日本酒 至 純米吟醸 全体像
日本酒 至 純米吟醸 ラベル
Itaru Junmai Ginjo 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,727
Japanese sake
菱湖(りょうこ) 純米ドライの全体像
菱湖(りょうこ) 純米ドライのラベル
Ryoko Junmai Dry 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,485
Japanese sake
Garyubai Junmai Ginjo Super Dry 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,650
Japanese sake
Shunnouten pure rice 1800ml
Japanese sake
藍の郷 純米の全体像
藍の郷 純米のラベル
Ainosato Junmai 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,350
Japanese sake
Ugo no Tsuki Super Dry Special Junmai 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,430
Japanese sake
七賢 風凛美山 純米の全体像
七賢 風凛美山 純米のラベル
Shichiken Furin Miyama Junmai 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,320
Japanese sake
船中八策 純米超辛口の全体像
船中八策 純米超辛口のラベル
Senchu ​​Hassaku Pure Rice Super Dry 1800ml
Japanese sake
越乃景虎 本醸造 超辛口の全体像
越乃景虎 本醸造 超辛口のラベル
Koshino Kagetora Honjozo Super Dry 1800ml
Japanese sake
山城屋(やましろや) Standard classの全体像
山城屋(やましろや) Standard classのラベル
Yamashiroya Standard class 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,760
Japanese sake
こなき純米 超辛口の全体像
こなき純米 超辛口のラベル
Konaki Junmai Super Dry 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,540
Japanese sake
北雪 佐渡の鬼ころし 超大辛口の全体像
北雪 佐渡の鬼ころし 超大辛口のラベル
Hokusetsu Sado Onikoroshi Super Dry 1800ml
Japanese sake
山城屋(やましろや) 1st clasの全体像
山城屋(やましろや) 1st clasのラベル
Yamashiroya 1st class 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,870
Japanese sake
七賢 甘酸辛苦渋 本醸造の全体像
七賢 甘酸辛苦渋 本醸造のラベル
Shichiken sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, honjozo 1800ml
Japanese sake
Hokusetsu Junmai 1800ml
Japanese sake
日本酒 越乃景虎 純米酒 全体像
日本酒 越乃景虎 純米酒 ラベル
Koshino Kagetora Junmai 1800ml
Japanese sake
日本酒 谷桜 大吟醸 全体像
日本酒 谷桜 大吟醸 ラベル
[With cosmetic box] Tanizakura Daiginjo 720ml/1800ml
from ¥3,700
Japanese sake
黒牛 純米の全体像
黒牛 純米のラベル
Kuroshi pure rice 1800ml
Japanese sake
山形正宗 辛口純米の全体像
山形正宗 辛口純米のラベル
Yamagata Masamune dry pure rice 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,650
Japanese sake
春鹿 純米 超辛口の全体像
春鹿 純米 超辛口のラベル
Harushika Pure Rice Super Dry 1800ml
Japanese sake
両関(りょうぜき) 純米吟醸の全体像
両関(りょうぜき) 純米吟醸のラベル
Ryoseki Junmai Ginjo 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,870
Japanese sake
澤屋まつもと(さわやまつもと) 守破離 Ultraの全体像
澤屋まつもと(さわやまつもと) 守破離 Ultraのラベル
Matsumoto Sawaya Shuhari Ultra 720ml
Japanese sake
臥龍梅(がりゅうばい) 純米酒の全体像
臥龍梅(がりゅうばい) 純米酒のラベル
Garyubai Junmaishu 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,430
Japanese sake
日本酒 臥龍梅 純米吟醸 五百万石 全体像
日本酒 臥龍梅 純米吟醸 五百万石 ラベル
Garyubai Junmai Ginjo Gohyakumangoku 1800ml
Japanese sake
夜明け前 からくちの全体像
夜明け前 からくちのラベル
Yoakemae Karakuchi 1800ml
Japanese sake
越乃景虎 龍の全体像
越乃景虎 龍のラベル
Koshino Kagetora Dragon 1800ml
Japanese sake
天寶一 超辛口 純米の全体像
天寶一 超辛口 純米のラベル
Tenpoichi Super Dry Junmai Senbon Nishiki 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,540
Japanese sake
酔鯨 純米吟醸 吟麗の全体像
酔鯨 純米吟醸 吟麗のラベル
Suigei Junmai Ginjo Ginrei 1800ml

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