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    [Condensed emotions in one bite] We have prepared a selection of carefully selected Japanese wines so that you can enjoy the rich flavor and depth of full-bodied red wine.
    The deep richness and mellow aroma that are the charm of full-bodied red wine. It is perfect not only for pairing with meals, but also as a luxurious coloring for one person's time.
    Find the best cup and enjoy a special time.
    7 products
    赤ワイン イケダ セレクト赤 全体像
    Ikeda select red 2022 750ml
    Ikeda Grand Cuvée Merlot 2021 750ml
    Soleil Merlot 2019 720ml
    ココ・ファーム・ワイナリー 陽はまた昇る(Here Comes The sun) 2020の全体像
    ココ・ファーム・ワイナリー 陽はまた昇る(Here Comes The sun) 2020のラベル
    Coco Farm Winery Here Comes The sun 2020 750ml
    Fattoria AL FIORE(ファットリア アルフィオーレ) Nob. 2021の全体像
    Fattoria AL FIORE Nob. 2021 750ml [cool delivery service recommended]
    Fattoria AL FIORE(宮城県)
    Fattoria AL FIORE(ファットリア アルフィオーレ) Apassimento 2020の全体像
    Fattoria AL FIORE Apassimento 2020 750ml [cool delivery recommended]
    Fattoria AL FIORE(宮城県)
    Sold Out
    グレイス あけの 2020の全体像
    Grace Akeno 2020 750ml

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