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A must-see for those who like sweet sake! A list of light, sweet sake and how to choose it!

Do you like it "sweet" or "dry"?
When asked for a sake recommendation, I first ask the customer about their preferences.
It seems that many people prefer dry sake, but sweet sake is no less popular!
A sweet sake that is easy for sake beginners to try and is also popular with those who don't like dry sake .

Such sweet sake can be divided into two types: "light sweet" and "rich sweet."
On this page, we will introduce how to choose light, sweet sake and a list of light, sweet sakes carefully selected by our store .

[What is light, sweet sake?]
The sweetness of sake does not come from the sweetness of sugar, but from the sugars that come from the rice that is the raw material for sake . Light and sweet sake is characterized by its sweet yet refreshing taste .

[Key points for determining whether a sake is light or sweet]
The most useful reference for distinguishing sweet sake is the number called "sake meter value."
Sake meter value is a numerical value that represents the specific gravity of sake when the specific gravity of water is set to zero (±0).
Because sugar is heavier than water, the more extractive content there is, the - (negative) and the sweeter it will taste , and the less extractive content there is, the + (positive) and the drier it will taste. Although you cannot judge by numbers alone, we recommend checking the acidity and amino acid content in addition to the Sake Meter value.

[Brief explanation of each item]
・Sake meter value: the more negative the number, the sweeter the sake, and the more positive the number, the drier the sake.
- Acidity: The lower the number, the lighter the taste; the higher the number, the richer the taste.
- Amino acid content: The lower the number, the cleaner the taste; the higher the number, the richer the flavor.

If we judge based on these numbers, light and sweet sake has a large - (negative) value for Sake Meter and low acidity and amino acid content . However, the world of sake involves many different factors, such as aroma and taste, and it is true that it cannot be judged by numbers alone.

I like sweet sake, but there are so many types that I can't choose/I don't know because the numerical values ​​are not listed/Occasionally it's nice to have sweet sake, but I can't decide <br>In times like these, leave it to Isobe Liquor Store!
We have prepared a list of carefully selected light and sweet sakes , so please use it as a reference when choosing sake.
[Sake] Light and sweet sake list page

[Harmony of sweetness and transparency] A taste that perfectly harmonizes pleasant sweetness and purity, that is a light and sweet sake.
Its delicate sweetness and clear taste have captivated many sake lovers.
Whether you want to spend quiet time alone, or spend time with someone you care about during meals, here is the perfect one for you. Would you like to find a sake that will make your comfortable time even more special?

302 products
Japanese sake
獺祭 純米大吟醸 45の全体像
獺祭 純米大吟醸 45のラベル
Dassai Junmai Daiginjo 45 720ml/1800ml
from ¥2,183
Japanese sake
七賢 絹の味 純米大吟醸の全体像
七賢 絹の味 純米大吟醸のラベル
Shichiken Silk Taste Junmai Daiginjo 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,980
Japanese sake
飛鸞(ひらん) 絆 KIZUNA 純米大吟醸の化粧箱開封後
飛鸞(ひらん) 絆 KIZUNA 純米大吟醸の全体像
[With cosmetic box] Hiran Kizuna KIZUNA Junmai Daiginjo 720ml
Japanese sake
七賢 天鵞絨の味 純米吟醸の全体像
七賢 天鵞絨の味 純米吟醸のラベル
Shichiken Taste of Tengarugi Junmai Ginjo 1800ml
Japanese sake
雪の茅舎 純米吟醸の全体像
雪の茅舎 純米吟醸のラベル
Yukinobosha Junmai Ginjo 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,815
Japanese sake
Asahiran 720ml [Cool delivery required]
Japanese sake
翠玉 純米吟醸の全体像
翠玉 純米吟醸のラベル
Suigyoku Junmai Ginjo 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,760
Japanese sake
Chokaisan Junmai Daiginjo 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,870
Japanese sake
日本酒 出羽桜 純米吟醸 つや姫 全体像
日本酒 出羽桜 純米吟醸 つや姫 ラベル
Dewazakura Junmai Ginjo Tsuyahime 1800ml
Japanese sake
出羽桜 桜花吟醸 本生の全体像
出羽桜 桜花吟醸 本生のラベル
Dewazakura Oka Ginjo Honsei 1800ml [Cool delivery required]
Japanese sake
Kawatsuru Sanuki Cloudy 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,550
Japanese sake
獺祭(だっさい) Blue Type50の全体像
獺祭(だっさい) Blue Type50のラベル
Dassai Blue Type50 720ml
Japanese sake
Tenkyu Cherry Rain Pure Rice Ginjo 720ml/1800ml
from ¥1,595
Japanese sake
Shichiken Sora No Aya Sparkling 720ml [cool delivery required]
Japanese sake
北雪(ほくせつ) 大吟醸 YK35の全体像
北雪(ほくせつ) 大吟醸 YK35の化粧箱
Hokusetsu Daiginjo YK35 720ml
Japanese sake
Kubota Sparkling 500ml
Japanese sake
雨後の月(うごのつき) 純米大吟醸 愛山の全体像
雨後の月(うごのつき) 純米大吟醸 愛山のラベル
Ugonotsuki Junmai Daiginjo Aizan 720ml/1800ml
from ¥2,475

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