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    Representative brands: Manashi, Yaezakura, Furusawa

    Since its founding in 1892, it is the only brewery in Miyazaki Prefecture that has been built in an earthen storehouse.
    The moromi is fermented in a cauldron of shimeyaki, carefully selected ingredients grown in the strong local sun, and brewed with real old-fashioned taste based on family traditions and new technology.

    5 products
    焼酎 摩無志 全体像
    Mamushi 720ml/1800ml
    from ¥1,595
    Yaezakura sweet potato sake 1800ml
    本格焼酎 古澤の全体像
    Furusawa 720ml/1800ml
    from ¥1,320
    焼酎 八重桜 芋 全体像
    Yaezakura sweet potato 720ml/1800ml
    from ¥1,144
    Sold Out
    yaezakura(やえざくら) ワイン酵母仕込焼酎の全体像
    yaezakura wine yeast brewed shochu 720ml/1800ml
    from ¥1,650

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