About payment method

◆Credit card

We accept VISA / Master card / AMEX / JCB .
*You will be billed at the time your order is confirmed.


You can pay for your order with a credit card, debit card, bank account, etc. (*1) registered with PayPal.
(*1) Please note that payment may not be possible due to the review process on the PayPal side.
Please note that your order will not be completed until the PayPal process is completed.

If you have any questions about how to register or use PayPal, please contact PayPal directly.

◆amazon pay

You need an Amazon.co.jp account to use it. You can place an order using the address and credit card information registered on Amazon.co.jp.

◆ Deferred payment (Payday)

Paidy is a payment service that does not require pre-registration or a credit card, and allows you to shop with just your email address and mobile phone number.
No matter how many times you shop in a month, you can only pay once on the next day. We will notify you of the billed amount by email and SMS between the 1st and 3rd of the following month.
We also support payment in one lump sum payment and payment in three installments with an installment fee.
You can choose either "convenience store payment", "account transfer" or "bank transfer" as the payment method.

Please check the URL below for details.

◆ Smartphone payment (paypay payment)

When accessing the online shop with a smartphone
By selecting the payment method on a smartphone that has the Paypay payment app installed, the payment procedure screen will be displayed automatically, so please follow the procedure.

When accessing the online shop on a PC After selecting a payment method, a QR code will be displayed.
By reading the QR code with a smartphone that has the Paypay payment app installed, the payment procedure screen will be displayed.

◆Cash on delivery

If you order by cash on delivery, we will charge a uniform handling fee of 330 yen (including tax) .
Please pay to the carrier driver when the product arrives.