[Wine] Impressions of drinking Arga Blanca Densho

by IsobeYamato

First view image of the impression blog after drinking Arga Blanca Densho

Hello, this is Yamato Isobe from Isobe Liquor Store!

When I run a liquor store, I receive many samples every day.
A blog that introduces sake that I thought was really delicious!

Here is the reason for writing the tasting article

The product I would like to introduce this time is “ Aruga Blanca Densho ” brewed by Katsunuma Jozo (Yamanashi Prefecture).

Overall picture of Arga Blanca Densho

Even I, who has no artistic sense, can't help but stare at the label. It is also one of the charms of Katsunuma Jozo.

And speaking of Katsunuma Jozo, one of Japan's leading wineries!
Isn't there a lot of people who know even those who don't drink much wine?
The long-awaited new product of the winery's flagship brand "Arga Blanca" series is here!

This alone is exciting, but the " orange wine " style that is attracting more attention in the world!

* Just in case, I will explain about orange wine.
White wine is made by fermenting only the flesh of white grapes with the skins and seeds removed, while orange wine is made by fermenting the skins and seeds together with the pulp of white grapes.
This creates an orange-like color and a complex taste that cannot be expressed in white wine.

It seems that they have been making trial and error of orange wine for the past few years, and it seems that they have been fully prepared by getting a solid response.

I am very curious about what kind of orange wine Katsunuma Jozo will make.
I tried it right away!

Tasting of "Arga Blanca Densho"

Image of Arga Blanca Densho poured into a wine glass

The moment I poured it, the glass was dyed orange gold .
It's a shame that it's hard to convey in the image, but it's a very beautiful color tone.

Zoom image of a wine glass filled with Arga Blanca Densho

The scent is like compote of apricots and apples, and it is aged in old barrels for 4 months, so you can feel the scent of black tea derived from barrels.
When you put it in your mouth, the sourness, bitterness, and pure fruitiness of Koshu grapes are impressive.
A natural sake that packs the goodness of Koshu grapes as it is, and a refreshing sake that is close to Japanese cuisine.
It has a complex finish that cannot be expressed with white wine, but it has an elegant finish that does not have the harshness of orange wine.
*Personal impressions.


When Katsunuma Jozo brews orange wine, it looks like this.
Without removing the route that I imagined, it easily overcomes the hurdles.
The goodness of Katsunuma Jozo and the goodness of orange wine are beautifully expressed, and they are in perfect harmony.
It was a wonderful sake quality that makes you want to drink it every day!

And I think that the feature of this product is that the alcohol content is low at 8.5% .
When I met Mr. Yugo Ariga, who was in charge of brewing before, he said that with his eyes shining.
“I want to bring the goodness of Koshu grapes into wine.

It is deeply moving to think that the Koshu grapes themselves chose this alcohol content.

Pure and natural Koshu grape fruit and complex taste!
Please try it once!

Product name: Arga Blanca DENSHO
Grape variety: Koshu 100%
Harvest area: Katsunuma Town, Koshu City Harvest year: 2021 Color: Orange Flavor: Dry Fermentation method: About 2 weeks of brewing Fermentation barrel cultivation: 4 months in old barrels Alcohol content: 8.5%

[I would like to recommend it to such people! ]

  • first time drinker of orange wine
  • Those who want to enjoy the original taste of Koshu grapes
  • Those looking for wine that goes well with Japanese food

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      Product image of Arga Blanca Densho