[Sake] Impressions of drinking unfiltered raw sake

by IsobeYamato

Furosen Yamahai-shikomi Junmai Ginjo Nakamomi Impression blog's eye-catching image of drinking unfiltered raw unprocessed sake

Hello, this is Yamato Isobe from Isobe Liquor Store!

When I run a liquor store, I receive many samples every day.
A blog that introduces sake that I thought was really delicious!

Here is the reason for writing the tasting article

The product to be introduced this time is “Furoizumi Yamahai-shikomi Junmai Ginjo Nakadomi Unfiltered Raw Genshu” brewed by Uehara Brewery (Shiga Prefecture)!

Whole product image of unfiltered raw unprocessed sake

Speaking of Furosen, it's a "rich flavor" type that draws out the richness of rice to the maximum !

It is said that once you drink it, you will never forget its taste, and many sake fans are addicted to it.

That should be it! Uehara Sake Brewery's commitment to making is too amazing! !
It seems that this commitment has been put at a glance from other builders!

Allow me to excerpt some before the tasting.

・"Kuratsuki Yeast"
Mainly Yamahai-zukuri of old-fashioned brewery yeast without adding yeast.

・"Kibou tenbin squeezing"
In order to produce a smooth taste, we use a tenbin squeezing method that uses wooden tanks, of which there are only a few remaining in Japan, and squeeze slowly over 3 days.

We place importance on "proper maturity", and ship after more than half a year for unpasteurized sake and more than a year for pasteurization.

I'm impressed that it's made so carefully. I'm going to have a tasting with my heart!

Tasting of "Furosen Yamahai-shikomi, Junmai Ginjo, Unfiltered Raw Genshu"

Image of pouring unfiltered raw unprocessed sake into a wine glass

The moment I put it in my mouth, a shock ran through me.

I gave up on arranging difficult terms. I just want to say

Too delicious! ! !

It's a perfect expression that can be finished with this, but I'm going to describe the details while presumptuous.

Slightly yellowish color.

The scent of lactic acid gives a faint hint of freshness like pears and apples.
When you put it in your mouth, the taste and richness of the refined rice that you don't feel any miscellaneous taste wraps around your tongue. ← At this point I was fascinated by...
And on top of that, a sharp sourness rides, and those elements are united and harmonized as if they were holding hands.
Then it fades away...


Image of pouring unfiltered raw unprocessed sake into a sake vessel

I heard that Furosen is delicious even when warmed, so I tried it at about 45°C.

Compared to cold sake, the contours of the umami are sharp and you can fully feel the original richness of rice.
It is said that there are more than 20 types of amino acids, which are the umami components of sake .
I feel like I realized once again that the taste of sake is not simply made.


I tasted it this time, but "Furosen" is so profound that I cannot convey it in words.

It's a very hard-to-understand expression, but if I compare the taste of "Furosen" to a person, I think it's "a person who keeps delving into a single phenomenon and can't see the bottom of his thoughts at all ."
The person has an unshakable way of thinking, and the more you dig into it as you talk, the more interesting it becomes. That's the image.

To be honest, in my area, I don't think I can draw out the goodness of "Furosen" yet. I was made to feel that I had to be diligent so that I could reach that level.

Last but not least, this time we changed the temperature range for the tasting, but did you know that there are other interesting ways to enjoy it?

It is a change over time.

"Furosen" and the rapidly growing brand "Hiran" may taste even better a few days after opening the bottle!
I hope you will enjoy including them! Well then!

Specs at the time of tasting Category: Sake (Junmai Ginjo sake)
Product Name: Furosen Yamahai-jikomi Junmai Ginjo Nakadomi Unfiltered raw unprocessed Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice koji (domestic rice)
Rice used: 100% Yamada Nishiki from Shiga Prefecture
Rice polishing ratio: 55%
Alcohol content: 17% Producer: Uehara Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

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      Product image of unfiltered raw unprocessed sake