[Sake] Impressions of drinking "Kousu Mori"

by IsobeYamato

[Sake] Eye-catching image of impressions of brewing forest

Hello, this is Yamato Isobe from Isobe Liquor Store!

As a liquor store, we sample a lot of sake every day.
A blog that introduces sake that I thought was really delicious in such a situation!

Here is the reason for writing the tasting article

The first one is Naeba Sake Brewery's "Kousu Mori" in Niigata Prefecture.

The whole picture of Josu Mori Junmai Ginjo and Josu Mori Junmai Daiginjo

Left: Josu Mori Junmai Ginjo
Right: Josu Mori Junmai Daiginjo

Simple & stylish label.
It is a brand that I was very interested in because many people posted it on SNS.

And when you look into it, it has a distinctive structure, so I will introduce it a little.

To give a rough explanation, the mainstream method of fermenting sake is ``three-step fermentation'', which is divided into three stages and gradually fermented . .
Because it is squeezed at a young stage when the sugar is broken down into alcohol, it produces a mellow ginjo aroma, the sweetness of the rice, and a fresh sake .

I am looking forward to it because it has a unique taste and reputation that is unique to this unique structure.

Tasting of Mori Junmai Ginjo

Image when pouring Mori Junmai Ginjo into a wine glass

First of all, from the Junmai Ginjo

Pour and be surprised!
Translucent milky white.

A fruity scent reminiscent of pear and lychee on top of a lactic acid base.
This raises expectations.

When you put it in your mouth, the fresh and juicy flavor unique to unpasteurized sake spreads.
And the best feature is a strong acidity like yogurt.

Is this a unique taste?

As you continue to drink, this sourness becomes addictive.

Tasting of Mori Junmai Daiginjo

Image when pouring Mori Junmai Daiginjo into a wine glass

Lactic acid fragrance. Especially creamy like ice cream.
Fruity scents like ripe plums and pineapples follow.

It has the same freshness, but is more juicy than Junmai Ginjo.
And is it a feature of the forest that brews? Strong acidity like yogurt is alive and well!
When I drank it from a wine glass, I could feel the fruity aroma and bright sweetness.


Both are sweet type.
And it has a strong acidity like yogurt. The more I drank, the more I was fascinated by this acidity.

Junmai Ginjo is the perfect accompaniment to Western food.
If you drink it as it is because it has a sweetness, I think it's Junmai Daiginjo.

Personally, I'd like this person to drink!

  • Those who want to challenge new frontiers of Japanese sake
  • Those who like white wine
  • Those who are addicted to sour foods and eat them unintentionally
If you are interested in such a precious sake, please try it!

Whole image of brewing forest Junmai Ginjo

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Whole image of brewing forest Junmai Daiginjo unpasteurized sake

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