[Craft Sake] Impressions of drinking "LIBROM VERBENA Origarami"

by IsobeYamato

LIBROM VERBENA Origarami Eye-catching image of the impression blog I tried drinking

Hello, my name is Isobe Liquor Store in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture!

Working in a liquor store gives you the opportunity to sample a wide variety of sake.
It will be an article that introduces the products that I felt were really delicious among them.

Here is the reason for writing the tasting article

The product to introduce this time is
[LIBROM VERBENA Origami 《Lemon Verbena》]
will be!

[Blog] LIBROM VERBENA Origami Tasting Blog
Japanese sake? White wine? gin?
What genre is this liquor?

Although it has an innovative name and design that makes you wonder, it is actually a new genre called "Craft Sake", which is a hot topic in the sake industry!

What is craft salmon?

I know "craft beer" but I don't know "craft salmon"!
First of all, let me explain about craft salmon.

[What is craft salmon?]

By adding various secondary ingredients during the brewing process based on sake brewing technology, it becomes a brewed sake that you can enjoy the aroma and flavor that conventional sake does not have.

It's a bit exaggerated, so to put it simply, "Craft Sake" is the name given to sake that has added secondary ingredients such as fruits and herbs during the fermentation process of sake!

When you hear this explanation, you may think that it is a wrong way from those who have loved sake for many years.

I myself was one of them.

However, this product "LIBROM" , which I tasted at a sake event I happened to participate in, shattered such a small stereotype.

I would like to introduce this feeling to everyone.


"LIBROM" is brewed by LIBROM CRAFT SAKE BREWERY, which has a warehouse in the city of Fukuoka Prefecture.
Based on the concept of "making Japanese sake culture more familiar" , Sake Brewery is brewed by a small number of people led by Mr. Yagyu, the representative, and Mr. Anami, the chief brewer.

Using carefully selected secondary ingredients such as herbs and fruits from Fukuoka Prefecture, it is a presence that is recognized even in the craft salmon industry.

I tasted the only regular product and the most popular product in LIBROM!

Tasting of "LIBROM VERBENA Lemon Verbena"

LIBROM VERBENA Origami "Lemon Verbena" is poured into a glass

This is a craft salmon made with lemon verbena from "Garden Arte", a pesticide-free herb and edible flower grower in Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

It has a slightly yellowish hue due to the addition of secondary ingredients.

LIBROM VERBENA Origami 《Lemon Verbena》 Liquor Color

when you open

Push! !

An attractive sound that makes you expect a strong foaming feeling.

Based on the refreshing scent of herbs, you can also feel elements such as citrus scents such as lemon and ramune.
You can also feel the scent of koji in it, and there is also a certain sake-likeness.

A strong gas sensation that pops in your mouth.
The fresh sourness and the pleasant flavor of herbs will pass through your nose.
From the middle stage, the plumpness of Japanese sake and the umami of rice derived from origarami appear, and these elements harmonize and disappear in the aftertaste.

new! Too delicious!

*Tasting comments are my personal impressions.
It is an impression as of 2023/3/4 at the time of writing.


What did you think.
To be honest, it was more delicious than I imagined.

I was imagining a sake with stronger elements of secondary ingredients, but there is only the name of craft salmon, and it fits the concept of Japanese sake while maximizing the appeal of secondary ingredients.

Craft salmon is catchy, so it's temporarily exciting? ?

NO! !

Your strength is real! !
that's all.

Category: Craft salmon
Ingredients: Rice (Hinohikari from Fukuoka Prefecture), rice malt (Yamada Nishiki from Fukuoka Prefecture)
Sub-ingredients: lemon verbena
Rice polishing ratio: Kake) 92%, Koji) 68%
Alcohol content: 10 degrees
Storage method: Keep refrigerated
Manufacturer: LIBROM Craft Sake Brewery (Fukuoka Prefecture)

[I would like to recommend it to such people! ]

  • Those who have never tried craft salmon
  • Those who want to try new genres
  • Those who have just started drinking sake