[Liquor store commentary] What kind of sake is “Hiyaoroshi”?

by naitoh

As the end of summer draws near, the characters for “Hiyaoroshi” begin to appear in stores.
It is often written on the label of sake in autumn, but what kind of sake is it?
We will explain the features and attractions of “Hiyaoroshi” in an easy-to-understand manner!

-- table of contents --
1 | What is Hiyaoroshi?
2 | What is the appeal of Hiyaoroshi?
3 How to drink Hiyaoroshi?

4 | Finally

What is Hiyaoroshi?

Straight! “Hiyaoroshi” is sake that is squeezed in early spring and stored until autumn before shipping.

Before going into detail about “Hiyaoroshi”, let me explain a little bit about the seasonality of Japanese sake!

Sake brewed from autumn to winter becomes new sake when shipped as it is from winter to spring.
Sake that is aged during the summer and shipped is called “Hiyaoroshi” .

One of the charms of Japanese sake is that it can be enjoyed according to the four seasons.
It's a seasonal sake that can only be enjoyed in autumn , just like new spring sake and summer sake!

・The method of heat treatment is also characteristic

Generally, in order to stabilize the quality of sake, heat treatment called pasteurization is performed first before storage and second before shipping.
"Hiyaoroshi" is pasteurized once after squeezing and is not pasteurized before shipping.

This method is called namozumezake, and by avoiding the second pasteurization, you can enjoy the raw taste!

・Origin of “Hiyaoroshi”

Hiyaoroshi, which was born in the Edo period, was shipped after the outside air temperature had reached the same temperature as the storehouse where the sake was stored .
It is said that it came to be called "Hiyaoroshi" because it was "oroshi (shipment)" in the state of "hiya", which means room temperature in sake, when it was shipped.

Since it has the name "Hiya", is it cold sake? Some people may have thought that, but it meant normal temperature!

・Difference from autumn

What is the difference from " Aki Agari " , which is also seen as autumn sake?
In the world of Japanese sake, when the umami increases after being warmed, there are times when words such as "raise" and "go down" are used to express the taste, such as "warming up".

Actually, "Akiagari " is not a type of sake, but a state in which stored and aged sake has become delicious .
"Hiyaoroshi" and "Akiagari" are the same thing in terms of representing autumn limited sake!
However, there are no strict regulations for these two under the Liquor Tax Act, and the definition is ambiguous, so many sakes that use the expression "autumn sake" can be seen.

What is the appeal of Hiyaoroshi?

“Hiyaoroshi” is made by fermenting new sake squeezed in early spring and slowly aging it until autumn.
What is the taste of the heart?

Sake contains a lot of amino acids and sugars, and these ingredients change as it ages .
Sake, which had a rough taste when it was new , gradually softens as it matures, becoming mellow and rich in flavor, with a deep flavor .

・The mellow taste goes great with the taste of autumn!

“Hiyaoroshi” has a mellow flavor and goes well with autumn ingredients that have a lot of flavor .
Please try to match it with the autumn dishes that everyone thinks, such as juicy and plump saury, returned bonito, and mushroom dishes.

How to drink "Hiyaoroshi"?

The name "Hiyaoroshi" may conjure up the image of a sake that is enjoyed chilled, but as mentioned earlier, "Hiya" here refers to room temperature.
Of course, it is good to enjoy cold sake, but it is also a characteristic of “Hiyaoroshi” that there are many things that can be enjoyed at room temperature or hot .
By raising the temperature, you can enjoy the taste and sweetness that is the charm of "Hiyaoroshi" even more!

*Some "Hiyaoroshi" may not be suitable for drinking warm, such as those with a strong aroma. Be sure to ask the shop staff how to drink it.


It has a mellow flavor that goes perfectly with the tastes of autumn!
"Hiyaoroshi" will make your usual dining table even more exciting.
If you see it at the store, please take it in your hand and try it.

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