[Breaking news] Report on the results of the 1st Shochu Awards Chosen by Liquor Stores

by IsobeYamato

Featured image of the result report of the 1st Liquor Store Chosen Shochu Awards

Hello, this is Yamato Isobe from Isobe Liquor Store!

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know the event called " Shochu Awards Chosen by Liquor Stores "?
With the cooperation of 139 liquor stores from all over the country, this year's shochu contest will be held for the first time in 2022.

Participating liquor stores recommend one shochu brand carefully selected for each category (potato, barley, rice, brown sugar, and awamori ).
They will be blind-tasted by the participating liquor stores themselves and will be evaluated on a scale of 10.

In other words, what is the most delicious brand, regardless of brand power?
It's going to be a super severe contest that everyone was worried about.

I checked the nominated brands, but all the famous ones...
I'm excited to see how delicious the award-winning brand here is! !

[Click here for nominated brands]

The introduction has become longer, but the results have been announced on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, so I will tell you the breaking news!
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Result report (Potato shochu category)

[Grand Prize]

GLOW EP05 (Wakashio Sake Brewery)

【Outstanding performance award】

Ultramarine Mole (Satsuma Musou)

【Outstanding performance award】

KAGOSHIMA 20 (Kagoshima Sake Brewery)

Result report (barley shochu division)

[Grand Prize]

Wort (Toyonaga Brewery)

【Outstanding performance award】

Muichimono Aged for 5 Years (Iki no Kura Sake Brewery)

【Outstanding performance award】

Yakushima Nature Forest Wheat

Results report (rice shochu division)

[Grand Prize]

Normal pressure Toyonagagura (Toyonaga Brewery)

【Outstanding performance award】

Toyonagagura Unfiltered Egata (Toyonaga Brewery)

【Outstanding performance award】

Takenoi oak barrel aging (Takenoi Sake Brewery)

Results report (brown sugar shochu category)

[Grand Prize]

Beni Sango (Amami Oshima Kaiun Sake Brewery)

【Outstanding performance award】

Amami long cloud 40 degrees (Yamada Brewery)

【Outstanding performance award】

Ichinojo Asahi (Asahi Sake Brewery)

Results report (Awamori section)

[Grand Prize]

Starlight (Yoneshima Distillery)

【Outstanding performance award】

Direct fire Sekifuku (Sekifuku Sake Brewery)

[Excellence Award]

Vermicelli Mild (Miyazato Brewery)


What did you think?
While there are many strong brands on the list, I feel that hidden talent has also won awards.
I think this is the unique fun of blind tasting.
If you find a shochu that has been evaluated by a liquor professional, please try it!