Old brew Suiko 750ml/1800ml

Old brew Suiko 750ml/1800ml

Old brew Suiko 750ml/1800ml

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[Makashijo Midori】

A limited-flow awamori made with a traditional method that died out more than 40 years ago

This awamori is made by reviving the traditional awamori-making method, ``sea juice dipping method,'' which has gone out of use in modern times because it is very time-consuming.

It has a sweet and fragrant mellow aroma, a calm and smooth texture just like old sake, and an elegant sweetness that fills your mouth like no other.
Please try the old and new Awamori Mukashijo Suiko .

・What is the sea juice dipping method?
Currently, Awamori is made by washing rice, soaking it in water, and steaming it. However, in the sea juice soaking method, the raw rice is soaked for 15 to 24 hours without washing. The soaking liquid becomes acidic due to the growth of lactic acid bacteria and other microorganisms, turning it into ``sea juice,'' a liquid with a unique odor. What is even more unique is that this immersion liquid is not discarded but partly reserved for the next immersion.
By the way, "shi" in "shijiru" means "acid" in the Okinawan dialect. Shikwasa (flat lemon) is a specialty of Okinawa, but it has a very sour taste. It has the same meaning as " shi (sour) " in this shikuwasa .

Category: Awamori
Ingredient name: Rice koji ( Thai rice )
Koji: black koji
Distillation: atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 30 degrees
Manufacturer: Chuka Sake Brewery ( Okinawa Prefecture )

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