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    Representative brands: Kaeriyama and Maruyama

    Founded in 1681 . The storehouse is located in Saku City, a plateau with an altitude of 700m called Sakudaira .
    Surrounded by nature, the temperature drops to -10°C , which is ideal for brewing sake during the brewing season.
    This coldness is necessary for suppressing bacteria, and the nature of Saku, Shinshu can be said to be a sake brewery.

    5 products
    本格麦焼酎 丸山の全体像
    Maruyama 720ml/1800ml
    from ¥1,100
    蕎麦焼酎 帰山 樽熟成の全体像
    Kizan soba barrel aging 720ml/1800ml
    from ¥1,650
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    蕎麦焼酎 帰山 黄麹仕込の全体像
    Kizan Soba Noodles 720ml/1800ml
    from ¥1,540

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