Tsurunashi Genji 1800ml

Tsurunashi Genji 1800ml

Tsurunashi Genji 1800ml

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[Mr. Tsunemugen]

This is a romantic sweet potato shochu that has been restored from the Taisho era in both the manufacturing method and the sweet potatoes!

Made using 100 % Tsunamu Genji sweet potato , one of the few indigenous varieties that was discovered in 1902 and whose production was temporarily discontinued .
It is characterized by the flavor and sweetness of a steamed sweet potato, and because it is aged for an additional two to three years before being shipped, it has a very mellow taste.

Similar to the same brewery's potato shochu `` Taisho Itteki '' , it reproduces the Taisho era method of fermenting secondary moromi for a long period of time using old koji. The Taisho period was a time when the production of potato shochu using black koji became established, instead of the previous method of making sweet potato shochu using yellow koji.
It is said that the koji of this time was cultivated for a long time, and the black koji was used to make shochu.

Even more! Since the first preparation in 2005 , the quality has been improved every year.
The proportion of Tsunamugenji rice used has been increased year by year, and from 2010 , the sixth year of preparation, all Tsunamugenji ingredients were used, and the entire amount of koji was ``Yumejushiki'', a long-grain rice grown in Kirishima grown together with local farmers. It has been used.

The Tsunashi Genji potatoes we use are very sweet and delicious, and were produced in large quantities in Kagoshima Prefecture from the Taisho era to the beginning of the Showa era .
However, with the onset of World War II, other types of potatoes with high yields at the time replaced them, and after 1966 , there was no harvest record even in Kagoshima Prefecture, but farmers including Kokubu Sake Brewery This is a precious potato that has been revived thanks to the efforts of people like you.

Category: Potato shochu
Ingredients: Sweet potato ( Tsurugenji from Kagoshima Prefecture ) , Rice malt ( Yumejushiki from Kirishima )
Koji: black koji
Distillation: atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 26 degrees
Manufacturer: Kokubu Sake Brewery ( Kagoshima Prefecture )

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