Shinano Nishiki Dai-Rokuten Pure Rice Heated Sake 720ml/1800ml

信濃錦(しなのにしき) 第六天 純米火入酒の全体像
信濃錦(しなのにしき) 第六天 純米火入酒のラベル
信濃錦(しなのにしき) 第六天 純米火入酒のラベル左側面
信濃錦(しなのにしき) 第六天 純米火入酒のラベル右側面

Shinano Nishiki Dai-Rokuten Pure Rice Heated Sake 720ml/1800ml

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[Shinano Nishiki No. 6 Heaven Pure Rice Heated Sake]

Low-polished pure rice full of climate, using pesticide-free contract farming Miyama Nishiki

We use 100% Miyama Nishiki, which is grown under contract without pesticides, and has an ultra-low polishing rate of 91%.
It is a pure rice sake full of climate, using Miyama Nishiki, which is pesticide-free and contract-grown while coexisting with the local natural environment.

It is a sake with a gentle and calm Miyamanishiki-like umami and a smooth mouthfeel.

・Excerpt from Miyajima Liquor Store official website All of the brewed rice is grown under contract in the local Inadani area, and as an “indigenous brewery,” we brew only pure rice brewed sake with a rich flavor rooted in the climate of Shinshu.
The sake name Shinano Nishiki means Shinano = Nagano Prefecture, Nishiki = its beautiful nature, and we hope to express the nature of Shinshu through sake brewing.
For this reason, we only use contract-grown rice that does not use pesticides or uses a reduced amount of pesticides in all of our brewed rice, and only produces junmai brewed sake that clearly expresses the flavor of the ingredients.
In addition, in order to cherish the unique flavor of carefully made contract-grown rice, we dare to use less-polished rice, and strive to make junmai sake that allows you to feel the five tastes of Japanese sake: sweetness, sourness, pungency, bitterness, and astringency. I'm in.

◆ Spec Category: Sake (pure rice sake)
Ingredients: Rice (produced in Nagano Prefecture), rice koji (rice produced in Nagano Prefecture)
Rice used: Miyama Nishiki (pesticide-free cultivation rice suitable for sake brewing)
Rice polishing ratio: 91%
Japanese sake degree: -2
Yeast used: Akari No. 10 Acidity: 1.9
Alcohol content: 15 degrees Storage method: Cool and dark place Manufacturer: Miyajima Liquor Store (Nagano Prefecture)

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