Ichiko Soden Ogasawara Mirin 600ml/1800ml

みりん 一子相傳 小笠原味醂 全体像
みりん 一子相傳 小笠原味醂 ラベル
みりん 一子相傳 小笠原味醂 左サイド
みりん 一子相傳 小笠原味醂 右サイド
みりん 一子相傳 小笠原味醂 右サイド2
みりん 一子相傳 小笠原味醂 裏ラベル

Ichiko Soden Ogasawara Mirin 600ml/1800ml

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[Ichiko Soden Ogasawara Mirin ]

The strongest level of mirin without any compromise!

Handmade with 100 % glutinous rice from Saga Prefecture , completely handmade, and aged for four years without pasteurization.
The enzymes are alive and the product is full of natural amino acids, making it very delicious to drink.

・From the label
Don't just call it mirin. I want you to have a sip first.
I think I had a hard time with this as well.
The process of making is so time-consuming that it seems unreasonable. This is the Ogasawara style that has been passed down from our ancestors. Especially work that lasts several days without sleep. Difficulty in securing domestically produced glutinous rice, which is considered to be the best.
It just makes me want to run away.
But when I see the finished product, I smile. I'm thinking of building it again next year.
Maybe I'm a mirin idiot too...

* Please store in a cool and dark place after opening.
* The color may become darker, but there will be no change in taste or quality.

Category: Seasoning / Mirin
Alcohol content: 13.5 degrees or more
Extract content: 45 degrees or more
Ingredients: sticky rice ( domestic rice ) , rice koji ( domestic rice ) , shochu ( domestic production )
Manufacturer: Ogasawara Mirin Jozo
Production area: Aichi prefecture

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