Konaki Junmai Super Dry Hiyaoroshi 1800ml

こなき純米(こなきじゅんまい) 超辛口 ひやおろしの全体像
こなき純米(こなきじゅんまい) 超辛口 ひやおろしのラベル
こなき純米(こなきじゅんまい) 超辛口 ひやおろしのラベル左側面
こなき純米(こなきじゅんまい) 超辛口 ひやおろしのラベル右側面
こなき純米(こなきじゅんまい) 超辛口 ひやおろしのサブラベル
こなき純米(こなきじゅんまい) 超辛口 ひやおろしの裏ラベル
Konaki Junmai Super Dry Hiyaoroshi 1800ml

Konaki Junmai Super Dry Hiyaoroshi 1800ml

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[Konaki Junmai Super Dry Hiyaoroshi]

Aged version of the popular “Konaki Junmai Super Dry”

``Konaki Junmai Super Dry'', which is popular with its cute (?) label, is slowly aged over a summer in an ice warmer at -5 degrees.
In addition to the usual super dry taste, it has a mellow and calm flavor.

You can enjoy the characteristics of this alcohol even more by heating it.

◆Spec Category: Sake (junmai sake)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
Rice used: Gohyakumangoku rice from Tottori Prefecture Polishing ratio: 55%
Sake level: +12
Alcohol content: 16% Storage method: Cool and dark place Manufacturer: Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery (Tottori Prefecture)

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