Yamatozakura Enterprising SOMETHING NEW 2023 1800ml

大和桜(やまとざくら) 進取 SOMETHING NEW 2023の全体像
大和桜(やまとざくら) 進取 SOMETHING NEW 2023のラベル
大和桜(やまとざくら) 進取 SOMETHING NEW 2023の裏ラベル

Yamatozakura Enterprising SOMETHING NEW 2023 1800ml

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  • From the viewpoint of environmental conservation, we use recycled cardboard for packing materials. (excluding gift wrapping)
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[Yamatozakura Enterprising SOMETHING NEW 2023]

The popular new sake “Yamatozakura Enterprise” has been renewed!

Compared to regular Yamatozakura, it has a strong sweet potato aroma that is typical of new sake.
It has a mild taste and a very well-balanced quality.

The label is also playful as it becomes a sticker when peeled off from the bottle.
The design seems to change every year, so Yamatozakura fans don't miss out!

◆Specification Category: Potato Shochu Ingredients: Sweet potato (from Kagoshima Prefecture), rice malt Distillation: Normal pressure distillation Alcohol content: 25% Manufacturer: Yamato Sakura Sake Brewery (Kagoshima Prefecture)

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