Domaine Chigatake Adagio di Uenoyama Muscat Bailey A 2020 750ml

Adagio di 上ノ山 マスカットベーリーA 2020の全体像
Adagio di 上ノ山 マスカットベーリーA 2020のラベル
Adagio di 上ノ山 マスカットベーリーA 2020のラベル左側面
Adagio di 上ノ山 マスカットベーリーA 2020のラベル右側面
Adagio di 上ノ山 マスカットベーリーA 2020の裏ラベル

Domaine Chigatake Adagio di Uenoyama Muscat Bailey A 2020 750ml

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[ Adagio di Uenoyama Muscat Bailey A 2020 ]

One of the best domestic wines made by a small winery run by a couple

Uses 100 % ripe Muscat Bailey A from our own fields .
It contains 10 times more Franeol, a fragrant ingredient reminiscent of strawberries and caramel, than ordinary grapes, resulting in a highly fragrant and fruity wine.

Made from late-harvested Muscat Bailey A , fermented in stainless steel tanks and aged in new oak barrels for about 8 months.
A scent reminiscent of dark chocolate with aromas of ripe strawberries and blackberry jam.

Medium-bodied red wine with a smooth mouthfeel and a good balance of acidity and soft tannins.

Category: red wine / medium
Varieties used: Muscat Bailey A
Size: 750ml
Manufacturer: Domaine Kayagatake
Production area: Yamanashi Prefecture

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