Akarui no Uson Red Potato Preparation 720ml/1800ml

本格焼酎 明るい農村 赤芋仕込みの全体像

Akarui no Uson Red Potato Preparation 720ml/1800ml

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[Bright rural red sweet potato preparation]

Fruity aroma and elegant sweetness

The plump, fruity aroma of red sweet potatoes, soft texture and elegant sweetness.
This sweet potato shochu has a concentrated sweet potato flavor and a rich yet well-balanced taste.

From the Kirishima Town Distillery official website
Because it is prepared with red potatoes, the moromi becomes a very vivid deep red color and is beautiful.
(When distilled, it becomes colorless and transparent.)
Even during this moromi season, it emits a very fresh and fruity scent.
The distilled unprocessed sake is aged for a longer period of time than Kogane Sengan (white sweet potato), resulting in delicious shochu.

Category: Potato shochu
Ingredients: Sweet potato ( Aya purple ) , rice malt ( domestic rice )
Koji: black koji
Distillation: atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 25 %
Manufacturer: Kirishima Distillery ( Kagoshima Prefecture )

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