Akune 1800ml

本格焼酎 阿久根の全体像

Akune 1800ml

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You might be captivated by the clear taste without any miscellaneous flavors...

Uses S -type koji that softens the aroma of potatoes and produces shochu with a strong sweetness and sharpness .
This S -shaped koji is sensitive to temperature changes and delicate, making it very difficult to handle.
Kagoshima Sake Brewery makes excellent use of this unique koji based on techniques that have been handed down for many years.

The peculiar taste of potatoes is almost absent, and the sweet and rich flavors are well-balanced.
This is a book that I would like to recommend to those who are not good at sweet potato shochu or who cannot drink it.

From Kagoshima Sake Brewery official website
Sake has been made in Kagoshima for a long time, just like in other parts of Japan.
From around 1500 , the technique of distilling moromi to make shochu was introduced and settled in Satsuma.
In Edo, Akune shochu was priced higher than Nada sake. (Edo Shopping Single Guide 1824 Bunsei 7)
Kagoshima Sake Brewery Kurose Toji Densetsu Brewery, located in Akune, on a slope overlooking the East China Sea, we strive every day to make shochu with the blessings of the sea breeze and the yeast of the brewery that has been living there for a long time.

Category: potato shochu
Ingredients: sweet potato ( produced in Kagoshima Prefecture ) , rice malt ( rice produced in Thailand ) , ( rice suitable for rice malt )
Koji: S- type Koji
Alcohol content: 25 degrees
Manufacturer: Kagoshima Sake Brewery ( Kagoshima Prefecture )

* Thai rice is long-grain and hard rice, so it produces stable rice koji with good quality.
Kagoshima Brewery is using it as a "rice koji suitable for rice".

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