Umenoyado Aragoshiremon 720ml/1800ml

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Umenoyado Aragoshiremon 720ml/1800ml

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[Umenoyado Rice Lemon】

Fragrant lemon and a hint of honey

This liqueur is made using whole lemons, giving it a fruity, rich and sweet flavor.
Approximately 9 domestic lemons are used for 1800ml and approximately 4 domestic lemons are used for 720ml .

Domestic lemons are added to Umenoyado Sake Brewery's in-house lemon-infused liquor, crushed lemons, and domestic honey to create a genuine aroma and rich sweetness.
It has a refreshing lemon scent, and although you might think it would be sour, the sourness of the lemon is a perfect match with the base sake and honey, and the sourness hidden behind the sweetness is just delicious!

The recommended way to drink it is to mix the grated lemon with hot water in a 1 : 2 ratio, making it " hot grated lemon." This brings out the aroma and sweetness.
This is a lemon liquor that can be enjoyed richly even when mixed.

From the Umenoyado Aragoshi series official page
The "Aragoshi Series" is one of Umenoyado Sake Brewery's representative brands. It is a fruit liquor made by blending carefully selected domestic fruits into sake brewed in the brewery.
We are proud of our overwhelming deliciousness, which will overturn the image that sake is not good, or that alcohol is not tasty. No flavorings, colorings, or artificial sweeteners are used.
One sip and you'll be amazed at how it tastes like you're eating a whole fruit.

Category: Liqueur
Ingredients: Lemon, lemon-infused liquor ( made in Japan ) , sake, brewed alcohol, sugar, honey / citric acid
Alcohol content: 10 %
Manufacturer: Umenoyado Sake Brewery ( Nara Prefecture )

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