Asahiran 720ml [Cool delivery recommended]


Asahiran 720ml [Cool delivery recommended]

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A Rare Rice Close to the Original Breed Asahi Rice x Hiran = Asahiran

“Asahiran” was born with the aim of fully bringing out the charm of “Asahi rice” and “Hiran”.

``Asahi rice'' is the root of ``Koshihikari'', ``Sasanishiki'' and ``Akitakomachi'', which are major edible rice. We now have.

The number 777 has been carefully selected to bring out the characteristics of such precious Asahi rice.

It represents the rice polishing ratio of 77% and the association No. 7 yeast.

By not polishing the rice as much as possible, we bring out the vitality of the original Asahi rice, and we use No. 7 yeast, which has a gentle aroma, so that you can feel the umami of the rice.

Because it is unfiltered, you can enjoy a fresher and richer taste than usual.

Come along with the star festival!

Spec Category: Sake Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
Rice used: Koji) Yamada Nishiki, Kake) Asahi rice Rice polishing ratio: Koji) 60%, Kake) 77%
Alcohol content: 15 degrees (genuine sake)
Storage method: Cool, dark place Manufacturer: Mori Sake Brewery (Nagasaki Prefecture)

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