Ryukyu Awamori Taro 720ml

Ryukyu Awamori Taro 720ml

Ryukyu Awamori Taro 720ml

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[Ryukyu Awamori Taro]

Napoleon of Miyakojima

The sake name "Taro" was named after the company president's name.
The alcohol content is 25 % , which is a little lower than other awamori .

This is a mild type of awamori that is easy to drink with its mellow sweetness and rich aroma.
You can enjoy the light flavor of awamori with its mature flavor and sweet, mellow finish.

・About Awamori
Awamori has the following four major characteristics.
1. Use rice as the raw material.
2.Use black koji mold.
3. The entire koji is prepared only once .
4. Distill in a pot distiller.
Awamori has the great appeal of ``growing up as old sake.'' There are vintage whiskeys and wines, but if you take good care of Awamori, you can grow 100 or 200 -year old sake at home.
There are almost no examples of alcoholic beverages like this in the world. Most old sake over 100 years old were lost in World War II , but even 20 or 30 year old sake grown after the war are highly valued for their mellow taste and sweet aroma. .

Category: Awamori
Raw material name: Rice koji
Koji: black koji
Distillation: atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 25 %
Manufacturer: Ikema Sake Brewery ( Okinawa Prefecture )

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