Ayakashi Fukusuke 720ml/1800ml

本格焼酎 あやかし福助の全体像

Ayakashi Fukusuke 720ml/1800ml

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[Ayakashi Fukusuke]

The contents are orthodox without matching the label!

Although it is made with black koji and is unfiltered, it has a good overall balance rather than a heavy punch, and you can feel the full-bodied taste of black koji.
This sweet potato shochu has the triple threat of an elegant aroma, natural sweetness, and a taste that rolls on your tongue.

・From the back label
Wate is still one of the gods of fortune.
I don't want you to be with orthodox people like Soyake " Ebessan " and others.
It is only the rich that I give my fortune.
Others, if you want me to come to you, why don't you drink and chant this three times and keep an eye on it?
"Coot Koban Fukusuke Sowaka."
The truth is, a smiley face appears behind you.
( Kuramoto's soliloquy...I can't guarantee whether it will really appear )

Category: potato shochu
Ingredients: Sweet potato ( Kyushu Kogane Sengan ) , rice malt
Koji: Black Koji
Distillation: Atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 25 degrees
Manufacturer: Satsuma Musou ( Kagoshima Prefecture )

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