Kirei (Kirei) Banjisake Sakazuki no Naka Junmai 1800ml

亀齢 萬事酒盃の中 純米の全体像
亀齢 萬事酒盃の中 純米のラベル
亀齢 萬事酒盃の中 純米のラベル左側面
亀齢 萬事酒盃の中 純米のラベル右側面
亀齢 萬事酒盃の中 純米の上部

Kirei (Kirei) Banjisake Sakazuki no Naka Junmai 1800ml

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[Kamerei Manjisake Cup Junmai]

Best cost performance! A great companion for drinking at home!

Gentle rice scent. When you put it in your mouth, the flavor of the rice spreads throughout your mouth, and it is a pure rice sake with just the right amount of acidity, smoothness, and crispness that makes it easy to drink. Even though it is a low-polished rice with a polishing ratio of 80%, the taste without any unpleasant taste is nothing short of amazing!

Of course, cold sake is delicious, but warmed sake is also recommended!

・About Kirei Sake Brewery
Founded in 1868 . _
At the time of its founding, the trade name was ``Yoshidaya,'' and the sake it produced was affectionately known as ``Yoshidaya Sake.'' Later, it was named ``Kamerei'' after the symbol of longevity, ``a crane is a thousand years, a turtle is a million years.''
In 1939 , the company name was changed to Kirei Sake Brewery.
The mainstream of sake brewing in Hiroshima, including Saijo, is sweet sake that takes advantage of soft water, but Kirei Sake Brewery is particular about making dry sake.
We were the first in Japan to receive the Honorary Award given to breweries that consecutively won awards at the National Sake Appraisal in 1919, along with Kyoto's Gekkeikan and Hiroshima's Kamotsuru .
Since then, it has won numerous awards and continues to attract enthusiasts as a popular item.

Kirei Manji sake cup taste graph of pure rice

Category: Sake ( junmai sake )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , Rice malt ( domestic )
Rice used: Koji /Hattanishiki , Kake / Chusei Shinsenbon
Rice polishing ratio: 80 %
Sake level: +4 to +5
Acidity: 1.6 ~ 1.8
Alcohol content: 17 degrees
Storage method: cool and dark place
Manufacturer: Kirei Sake Brewery ( Hiroshima Prefecture )

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