Kishu Umeshu Beninanko 720ml/1800ml

梅酒 紀州梅酒 紅南高 全体像
梅酒 紀州梅酒 紅南高 ラベル
梅酒 紀州梅酒 紅南高 左サイド
梅酒 紀州梅酒 紅南高 右サイド
梅酒 紀州梅酒 紅南高 上部

Kishu Umeshu Beninanko 720ml/1800ml

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[Kishu plum wine Beninan High School]

Tenma Tenjin Plum Wine Tournament The first generation of the best plum wine in Japan

This is a luxurious plum wine with a slightly red color made using only the high-quality " Beninankoume " which has been dyed red by exposure to sunlight.

You can feel the fruity aroma of peaches and the sweet and aromatic aroma of ripe fruit, and as soon as you put it in your mouth, the rich, heavy acidity and sweetness spread out, leaving a refreshing, transparent, and slightly lingering aftertaste.
A rich plum wine that benefits from nature.

・What is Beninan High School?
Among the Nanko plums grown in Wakayama, it refers to the green plums that have a bright red color on their green surface, especially when exposed to the power of sunlight.
Plum fruits only grow on trees that are exposed to the sun, and are extremely rare and valuable, and are only sold in high-end markets. In addition, they can only be grown in years with good weather, so in years with continuous rain or cloudy weather, beautiful red Nanko plums cannot be produced and they become so valuable that they cannot even be shipped.

Category: Plum wine
Ingredients: Nankoume ( produced in Wakayama Prefecture ) , sugar, brewed alcohol
Alcohol content: 20 degrees
Manufacturer: Nakano BC ( Wakayama Prefecture )

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