Domaine Oyamada BOW! Red 2023 750ml [Cool delivery recommended]

Domaine Oyamada BOW! Red 2023 750ml [Cool delivery recommended]

Domaine Oyamada BOW! Red 2023 750ml [Cool delivery recommended]

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[Domaine Oyamada BOW! Red 2023]

“Domaine Oyamada” BOW! Rouge is in stock in small quantities.

In addition to Cabernet Franc from Kayakari and Muscat Berry A from Kamijinaikawa, we use a small amount of Mourvedore from Okubo and Sangiovese from Hyuga.
From 2023, Kanizawa's Muscat Berry A will be newly added.

Smells of humus and champignon.
In 2022, I felt a flashy scent derived from Kyoho grapes, but since Kyoho grapes are no longer included, the style is calmer.
The first impression you have in your mouth is that it has a characteristic volatile acidity, but the overall balance gradually improves from the inside of your mouth to the aftertaste, and it becomes a pleasure to drink as the flavor changes.

*Due to a small quantity in stock, please limit one bottle per person.

◆Specification Category: Red wine Variety used: Cabernet Franc, Muscat Bailey A main, Mourvèdre size: 750ml
Manufacturer: Domaine Oyamada Production area: Katsunuma, Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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