Chikugo cross-legged Kintaro label 1800ml

ちくご胡坐 金太郎ラベルの全体像

Chikugo cross-legged Kintaro label 1800ml

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[Chikugoza Kintaro label]

A sweet fruity scent and moderate aroma

This barley shochu features a fruit-like aroma and a soft, aged flavor that is not found in normal pressure shochu.
The peculiarity of normal pressure is suppressed as much as possible, and it is finished with a sweet fruit-like scent, moderately fragrant and gentle taste of normal pressure.

From the official website of Ikegame Sake Brewery
The laborious natural aging is proof of the power of unblended whiskey and the skills of the chief brewer.
At Ikegame, we call the method of storage without artificial filtration after atmospheric distillation “natural aging”.
It is a classic aging method that is very labor intensive and is rarely used today.
In order to perform natural aging, the unblended whiskey must have power and the toji's ability to discern the maturation is required.

Category: barley shochu
Ingredients: barley, barley koji
Distillation: Atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 25 degrees
Manufacturer: Ikegame Sake Brewery ( Fukuoka Prefecture )

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