Chokaisan Flower Label Junmai Ginjo Raw Sake 720ml/1800ml [Cool delivery required]

鳥海山(ちょうかいさん) 花ラベル 純米吟醸 生酒の全体像
鳥海山(ちょうかいさん) 花ラベル 純米吟醸 生酒のラベル
鳥海山(ちょうかいさん) 花ラベル 純米吟醸 生酒のサブラベル
鳥海山(ちょうかいさん) 花ラベル 純米吟醸 生酒のラベル左側面
鳥海山(ちょうかいさん) 花ラベル 純米吟醸 生酒のラベル右側面
鳥海山(ちょうかいさん) 花ラベル 純米吟醸 生酒の裏ラベル
鳥海山(ちょうかいさん) 花ラベル 純米吟醸 生酒の上部

Chokaisan Flower Label Junmai Ginjo Raw Sake 720ml/1800ml [Cool delivery required]

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[Chokaisan Flower Label Junmai Ginjo Raw Sake]

Gorgeous aroma and refreshing taste

A junmai ginjo made with 55% polished rice using Akita sake komachi grown by the Tenju Shumai Kenkyukai.

A light and fresh taste with an elegant and refreshing ginjo aroma.
Beautiful sourness, moderate sweetness, and rich umami spread in your mouth.

Excerpt from Tenju Brewery official website
At an altitude of 2230m, Akita's proud Mount Chokai is a treasure trove of delicate nature.
The pure water produced by the perpetual snow of Mt.
Aiming for the best quality of local sake, we have devoted ourselves to growing rice.
Tenju's raw material rice "Sake Komachi" and "Miyamanishiki" are all cultivated by Tenju sake rice researchers.
The Tenju Sake Rice Research Group was established in 1983 with the aim of ensuring that the sake rice used by the company is locally sourced.
It boasts a history of more than 20 years with the cooperation of local general farmers, mainly by brewers.
In addition, we are working on pesticide-free cultivation and continue to make better quality sake rice.

◆ Spec category: Sake (junmai ginjo sake)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
Rice used: Akita sake komachi produced by Tenju Sake Rice Research Institute Rice polishing ratio: 55%
Japanese sake degree: ±0
Acidity: 1.8
Yeast used: In-house strain Alcohol content: 15 degrees Storage method: Refrigeration required Manufacturer: Tenju Sake Brewery (Akita Prefecture)

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