Chateau Sakaori Muscat Berry A Uncounted Cuvee Ikegawa 2021 750ml

マスカットベリーA アンウテッド キュヴェ・イケガワの全体像

Chateau Sakaori Muscat Berry A Uncounted Cuvee Ikegawa 2021 750ml

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[Chateau Sakaori Muscat Berry A Unwooded] Kyuvei Kegawa 2021]

Using Berry A , this charm...I have nothing but interest in it.

When we sampled this wine at work, we were all surprised.
Muscat Berry A is thriving!
Of course it's delicious, and it's made with 100 % grapes grown by charismatic grape farmer Hitoshi Ikegawa .
Mr. Ikegawa, who has continued to grow nutritious table grapes based on his unique cultivation theory, allows you to enjoy the original fruit flavor of Berry A without the need for barrel aging.

This really has different potential!
Enjoy the concentrated cherry and strawberry flavor and powerful flavor of Kyube Ikegawa.

Drinking temperature: 17℃ ~ 19℃

・Excerpt from Chateau Sakaori Winery official website
Chateau Sakaori Winery is a winery opened in May 1991 by the Kinoshita Group, which sells imported Western spirits, in the Sakaori area overlooking Kofu City. Based on the group's motto of ``selecting the world's best wines,' ' we utilize equipment introduced from various countries and a network of 29 manufacturers in 11 countries around the world to exchange information on the latest wine production technology. Sakaori Winery exists as a base for producing ``world-class Japanese wine'' and disseminating it overseas.

Category: Red wine / medium
Variety used: Muscat Bailey A from Yamanashi Prefecture
Size: 750ml
Manufacturer: Chateau Sakaori Winery
Production area: Sakaori, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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