Dabada Hiburi 720ml/1800ml

栗焼酎 ダバダ火振の全体像
栗焼酎 ダバダ火振のラベル
栗焼酎 ダバダ火振のラベル左側面
栗焼酎 ダバダ火振のラベル右側面
栗焼酎 ダバダ火振のフタ側面
栗焼酎 ダバダ火振のフタ側面2
栗焼酎 ダバダ火振の上部
栗焼酎 ダバダ火振の720ml瓶

Dabada Hiburi 720ml/1800ml

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[Dabada Hiburi]

Premium shochu that is difficult to obtain even locally

This chestnut shochu is made with 50 % chestnuts and slowly distilled at a low temperature to seal in the aroma.
The original mellow sweetness of chestnut spreads gently.

Excerpt from the official website of Mute Mukappu
I like to see people smile.
When you eat something delicious, you will naturally smile.
Sake that makes customers smile────
With that in mind, we are working hard to make sake.

Category: chestnut shochu
Ingredients: chestnut ( domestic ) , barley/rice ( domestic ) , rice malt ( domestic rice )
Alcohol content: 25 degrees
Manufacturer: Mutenka ( Kochi Prefecture )

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