Domaine Q Nouveau Delaware 2022 720ml

Domaine Q Nouveau Delaware 2022 720ml

Domaine Q Nouveau Delaware 2022 720ml

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[Domaine Q Nou Nouveau Delaware 2022]

Prepared using Delaware before it is fully ripe, commonly known as "Green Dela"
The earliest new sake in Japan!

Grapes are usually harvested in early August, but we use Delaware grapes harvested one month earlier, in early July.
It is named Nou Nouveau because it is a new wine that is made earlier than any other new wine (nouveau)!

Grapes that are not yet fully ripe contain a lot of malic acid, which results in a new wine that is refreshing and crisp on the palate.
Serve chilled and enjoy!

◆Specifications Category: White wine/slightly dry Grape variety: Delaware Size: 750ml
Producer: Domaine Hisashi Production area: Katsunuma, Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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