Cantina Hiro Felicissimo Muscat Bailey A 750ml

Cantina Hiro Felicissimo Muscat Bailey A 750ml

Cantina Hiro Felicissimo Muscat Bailey A 750ml

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[Cantina Hiro Felicissimo Muscat Bailey A ]

Gently convey the terroir of Makioka

Brewed naturally using Muscat Bailey A from Makioka Town, Yamanashi City.
You can feel the refreshing berry scent in the barrel, and you can enjoy the natural fruit flavor and moderate richness.

From Cantina Hiro official website
The cantina on the hill where the burgundy morning comes
Cantina means a small winery that makes wine from grapes grown in its own vineyards in Italian.
At an altitude of 750m , in front of the winery located on a hill in Makioka-cho, Yamanashi City, one of Japan's leading grape-producing areas, Mt.Fuji, which is remarkably high, and the vineyards that have been handed down through the history of this area spread out on the slopes below.
The colorful expression of the sky and the earth, the wind blowing through the hills, the smell of the soil.
While sharpening our sensibilities to the ever-changing nature, our motto is "Do your best and be the best." I am working on growing grapes and making wine.

Category: red wine / medium
Varieties used: Muscat Bailey A100 % from Yamanashi City
Size: 750ml
Manufacturer: Cantina Hiro
Production area: Makioka Town, Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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