Cantina Hiro Felicissimo Rosso Muscat Bailey A & Kyoho NV 750ml

Cantina Hiro(カンティーナ ヒロ) Felicissimo Rosso Muscat Bailey A & Kyoho NVの全体像

Cantina Hiro Felicissimo Rosso Muscat Bailey A & Kyoho NV 750ml

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[Cantina Hiro Felicissimo Rosso Muscat Bailey A & Kyoho NV]

A gentle wine with gentle tannins and rich aromas

Uses Muscat Bailey A from Minami Alps City and Makioka Town, and Kyoho grapes from Makioka Town.
Appearance is ruby ​​red with a slight blackish purple tint.
Fruits such as raspberries, raspberries, prunes, and pineapples in the top scent.
Next, I feel lactic acid bacteria such as yogurt, oak, and vanilla, nuances of wooden barrels, and accents of mint.
In the mouth, the tannins are gentle and smooth on the tongue.

Refreshing acidity and afterglow of wooden barrels.
The body that is not too strong harmonizes and balances the whole.

It is a wine with a gentle impression, and we recommend using a large glass with a wide mouth to further highlight its characteristic softness.

Fermentation: 77 days in stainless steel tank Aging: Uses 3 unblended whiskeys of about 32 months, 20 months, and 10 months in French Otaru barrels

◆ Spec Category: Red Wine / Light Body Varieties Used: Muscat Bailey A 84%, Kyoho 16%
Size: 750ml
Manufacturer: Cantina Hiro
Production area: Makioka Town, Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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