Flamingo Orange 720ml/1800ml

Flamingo Orange 720ml/1800ml

Flamingo Orange 720ml/1800ml

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[Flamingo Orange]

The citrus scent spreads A new style of sweet potato shochu!

The number of inquiries about our sweet potato shochu " Flamingo Orange " is increasing every year !
This is a new style of sweet potato shochu with a unique, gorgeous citrus aroma reminiscent of orange, which you wouldn't expect from sweet potato shochu.

It is made using sweet potato koji and 100% Satsuma Masari, and the yeast is Kagoshima Fragrance Yeast No. 1 , and is distilled under reduced pressure.
The two components that contribute to the citrus aroma unique to sweet potato shochu are more than 10 times higher than in regular sweet potato shochu .
It's very tropical and vibrant, yet soft and light on the palate.

*Due to limited stock, please limit purchases to one per person.

Category: Sweet potato shochu
Ingredients: Potato koji, sweet potato ( Satsuma mamasari from Kagoshima Prefecture )
Koji: White Koji
Distillation: Reduced pressure distillation
Alcohol content: 26 %
Manufacturer: Kokubu Shuzo ( Kagoshima Prefecture )

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