FRUTAS Mango 720ml

FRUTAS Mango 720ml
FRUTAS Mango 720ml
FRUTAS Mango 720ml

FRUTAS Mango 720ml

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[FRUTAS Mango]

Luxurious liqueur made with plenty of the king of mango, "Alphonso Mango"

Alfonso mangoes, which are said to be the king of mangoes, are characterized by their deep, bright yellow color, low fiber content, and rich, full-bodied sweetness.
It is a fragrant mango liqueur with plenty of such Alfonso mango.

By blending passion fruit as an accent, a refreshing sourness is added to the rich sweetness, creating a gorgeous look.
The moment you open the bottle, the scent of tropical mango fills your nostrils, giving you a thick texture and the presence of sake that complements the mango.
With a low alcohol content of 5 %, it is a very easy-to-drink fruit liqueur.

Category: Liqueur
Ingredients: mango ( from India ) , passion fruit, brewed alcohol, sake, sugar
Alcohol content: 5 degrees
Producer: Umenoyado Sake Brewery ( Nara Prefecture )

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