Sasa Masamune FUKUSHIMA SAKE PROJECT Urusei Yatsura Bottle 720ml [Cool delivery required]

笹正宗(ささまさむね) FUKUSHIMA SAKE PROJECT うる星やつらボトルの全体像
笹正宗(ささまさむね) FUKUSHIMA SAKE PROJECT うる星やつらボトルのラベル
笹正宗(ささまさむね) FUKUSHIMA SAKE PROJECT うる星やつらボトルのラベル左側面
笹正宗(ささまさむね) FUKUSHIMA SAKE PROJECT うる星やつらボトルのラベル右側面
笹正宗(ささまさむね) FUKUSHIMA SAKE PROJECT うる星やつらボトルの裏ラベル
笹正宗(ささまさむね) FUKUSHIMA SAKE PROJECT うる星やつらボトルの上部

Sasa Masamune FUKUSHIMA SAKE PROJECT Urusei Yatsura Bottle 720ml [Cool delivery required]

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[Sasamasamune FUKUSHIMA SAKE PROJECT Urusei Yatsura Bottle]

A Fukushima sake support project launched by the charisma of sake to spread the charm of Fukushima sake!

Marie Chiba, who is a charismatic sake lover, and Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, a sake coordinator, met and met with two sake lovers, and visited Fukushima Prefecture many times. It was called "Suraku".
This is a project to support Japanese sake in Fukushima, where the thoughts and splendor of the brewery, the current situation of Fukushima, and the thoughts of both communicators were collided with each other.

On the label, Rum-chan, written by Rumiko Takahashi of "Urusei Yatsura", is drawn because she wants to support Fukushima Prefecture!

Kijoshu is the first attempt at Sasamasamune Sake Brewery.

From Fukushima, the fun door will open.

Click here for the official website of FUKUSHIMA SAKE PROJECT!

◆ Spec Category: Sake (pure rice sake)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
Rice used: Kitakata Yume no Kaori Rice polishing ratio: 60%
Japanese sake degree: -25
Acidity: 1.8
Yeast used: Fukushima Yume Yeast and Association No. 18 Alcohol content: 13 degrees Storage method: Refrigeration required
Manufacturer: Sasamasamune Sake Brewery (Fukushima Prefecture)

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