Gangi Hitotsubi Junmai Unfiltered 720ml/1800ml

雁木 ひとつ火 純米無濾過の全体像
雁木 ひとつ火 純米無濾過のラベル
雁木 ひとつ火 純米無濾過のラベル左側面
雁木 ひとつ火 純米無濾過のラベル右側面
雁木 ひとつ火 純米無濾過の上部

Gangi Hitotsubi Junmai Unfiltered 720ml/1800ml

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[Gangi Hitotsubi pure rice unfiltered]

Talented sake that local sake stores admire. Anyway, please drink!

Pure rice sake that has been heated (bottle warmed) once.
The second name "Hitotsubi" overlaps the meaning of the night light that lights up at the dock and the meaning of "one time fire".

A calm taste that makes you feel the rich flavor of Gangi.
It's a sake that gently snuggles up to your body, as if it's naturally sinking into your body.

〇From the official website of Yao Shinshu Brewery Aiming for a sake that makes you want to drink one more cup at the end, aiming for the terminal of deliciousness, it starts from Gangi and returns to Gangi.
People and things land from there, and people and things set sail from there...
Gangi was a terminal near the water.
When I lost sight of the port to return to due to poor visibility, I reconsidered myself and returned to the founding spirit.
We have to make really delicious sake. We must aim for the terminal of deliciousness.
I want to make sake that makes you want to drink another cup at the end. That passion drives us.

・Award history
2022 Kura master Pure Rice Sake Division Platinum Award

Gangi Hitotsubi Junmai Unfiltered Taste Graph

◆ Spec Category: Sake (pure rice sake)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
Rice used: 100% Yamada Nishiki
Rice polishing ratio: 60%
Alcohol content: 15 degrees Storage method: Cool and dark place Manufacturer: Yaoshin Sake Brewery (Yamaguchi Prefecture)

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