Hishiume tamari sauce 1000ml

ソース ヒシウメ タマリソース 全体像
ソース ヒシウメ タマリソース ラベル
ソース ヒシウメ タマリソース 右サイド
ソース ヒシウメ タマリソース 裏ラベル

Hishiume tamari sauce 1000ml

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[Hishiume Tamari sauce]

Nikkei Plus 1 source ranking No. 1 rating!

Ikeshita Shoten, the company that makes this, is a very small small factory.
Based on carefully selected vegetables, fruits, and spices, we create a unique flavor by creating a perfect balance of sweetness, spiciness, and sourness.

A rich, dark brown sauce with a thick and viscous texture made in the traditional way.
You can enjoy a very complex taste with alternating sourness and sweetness.
It is especially well-received by professionals at specialty stores, as its taste and aroma match well with okonomiyaki, takoyaki, yakisoba, kushikatsu, etc.
Please enjoy the special taste of Osaka's downtown area, which has been preserved since the Taisho era.

* After opening, please store in the refrigerator and use as soon as possible.

Category: Seasoning / rich sauce
Ingredients: Sugars ( sugar ( domestic ) , high-fructose liquid sugar ) , vegetables and fruits ( apples, tomatoes, onions, carrots ) , salt, brewed vinegar, cornstarch, spices, grape vinegar / seasonings ( amino acids, etc. ) , Sticky agent ( processed starch, etc. ) , acidulant, caramel color, sweetener ( licorice, stevia, sodium saccharin ) , preservative ( paraoxybenzoic acid ) , ( some of the raw materials include apple, wheat, and soybean )
Size: 1800ml
Manufacturer: Ikeshita Shoten
Production area: Osaka Prefecture

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