Hitsuki 720ml/1800ml

Hitsuki 720ml/1800ml

Hitsuki 720ml/1800ml

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[Sun and Moon]

Flower, bird, wind, moon, Japanese heart

Only Yamada Nishiki from Special A district is used, and it is aged for three years without filtration.
This rice shochu is made based on the principle of Yin and Yang.

・From the back label, it is said that there are two principles in this world.
One is yang and one is yin.
For example, heaven and earth, day and night, and sun and moon.
Here is a bottle of rice shochu.
I intended to make it with the yin and yang principle in mind.
Careful distillation work (yang), carefully selected preparation water (yin).
And above all, I was particular about rice.
And I let him sleep for eternity.
I'm sure it's not bad.

◆ Spec Category: Rice Shochu Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice koji (domestic rice)
Distillation: Vacuum distillation Alcohol content: 25% Producer: Gyokusendo Sake Brewery (Gifu Prefecture)

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