Honshuichi Doors -fresh- Junmai Ginjo Origarami Nama 720ml/1800ml [Cool delivery recommended]

本洲一(ほんしゅういち) Doors -fresh- 純米吟醸 おりがらみ生の全体像
本洲一(ほんしゅういち) Doors -fresh- 純米吟醸 おりがらみ生のラベル
本洲一(ほんしゅういち) Doors -fresh- 純米吟醸 おりがらみ生のサブラベル
本洲一(ほんしゅういち) Doors -fresh- 純米吟醸 おりがらみ生の裏ラベル

Honshuichi Doors -fresh- Junmai Ginjo Origarami Nama 720ml/1800ml [Cool delivery recommended]

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  • From the viewpoint of environmental conservation, we use recycled cardboard for packing materials. (excluding gift wrapping)
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[Honshu No. 1 Doors -fresh- Junmai Ginjo Origarami Raw]

Limited edition origami with a focus on freshness

Hattan Nishiki from Hiroshima Prefecture is polished to 60% using original rice polishing, and Kyokai 1801 yeast is used to create an elegant, fruity, and slightly sweet Junmai Ginjo.

A portion of the moromi is filtered through a coarse mesh, and the slightly larger lees is also bottled.
It has a nice fruit aroma that is not too flashy, and has a gentle texture with an elegant rice flavor and sweetness, and a refreshing aftertaste.

A fresh and elegant origami that you can enjoy refreshingly.

◆Spec Category: Sake (Junmai Ginjo)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
Rice used: Hattanishiki from Hiroshima Prefecture Polishing ratio: 60%
Sake level: -2
Acidity: 1.9
Yeast used: Kyokai 1801
Alcohol content: 14 degrees Storage method: Refrigeration required Manufacturer: Umeda Sake Brewery (Hiroshima Prefecture)

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