Hotei Fukuume 1800ml

リキュール 布袋福梅 全体像
リキュール 布袋福梅 ラベル
リキュール 布袋福梅 左サイド
リキュール 布袋福梅 右サイド
リキュール 布袋福梅 裏ラベル
リキュール 布袋福梅 上部

Hotei Fukuume 1800ml

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[Hotei lucky plum]

Expressing the cloudiness of the ultimate plum pulp

Based on Ebisu Fukubai , along with various vintage plum liqueurs at the secondary preparation stage, Nara is specially made for Nigori Fukubai. This is the finest cloudy plum wine made by blending ripe plum confiture and plum pulp from Oindo Farm.

The sourness of the fruity and juicy plums and the thickness of the pulp spreads in your mouth, giving you a thick and satisfying finish.
Refined sweetness and rich sweet aftertaste derived from brandy continue.

Category: Plum wine
Ingredients: plum, sugar, distilled alcohol, brandy, ripe plum puree, plum jam ( ripe )
Alcohol content: 12 degrees
Producer: Kawachi Wine ( Osaka Prefecture )

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