Hozan Steamed Red East Shusei no Shizuku 1800ml

Hozan Steamed Red East Shusei no Shizuku 1800ml

Hozan Steamed Red East Shusei no Shizuku 1800ml

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[Treasure Mountain Steamed Red East Shusei no Shizuku]

A popular series that focuses on the individuality of potatoes and pursues the taste that can only be produced by that variety.

Uses red east, which is delicious and popular as an edible.
Although it has a light dry taste, it has a sweet chestnut-like sweetness and a rich flavor unique to Kotou.
You can enjoy the unique aroma and rich aftertaste of this potato.

Hozan's steamed sake series is a popular series in which the brewery pursues flavor from the idea of ​​``expressing the difference in taste depending on the type of potato used as a raw material, and enjoying the range of aromas and flavors of potato shochu.''
This shochu is also finished so that you can fully enjoy the uniqueness of Koto.

◆ Spec Category: Potato Shochu Ingredients: Sweet Potato (Kagoshima Prefecture Benito), Rice Malt (Domestic Rice)
Koji: White koji Distillation: Normal pressure distillation Alcohol content: 25% Producer: Nishi Shuzo (Kagoshima Prefecture)

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