Hozan Steamed Hakuho Shusei no Shizuku 1800ml

Hozan Steamed Hakuho Shusei no Shizuku 1800ml

Hozan Steamed Hakuho Shusei no Shizuku 1800ml

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[Treasure Mountain Steamed Hakuho Shusei no Shizuku]

A popular series that focuses on the individuality of potatoes and pursues the taste that can only be produced by that variety.

In pursuit of a refreshing aftertaste, Hakuho, which has more starch than Kogane Sengan, is used.
The sweet scent and depth unique to Hakuho are impressive.
After a light drinking mouth, a heavy and deep impression remains.

Hozan's steamed sake series is a popular series in which the brewery pursues flavor from the idea of ​​``expressing the difference in taste depending on the type of potato used as a raw material, and enjoying the range of aromas and flavors of potato shochu.''
This shochu is also finished so that you can fully enjoy the individuality of Hakuho.

◆ Spec Category: Sweet Potato Shochu Ingredients: Sweet Potato (Hakutoyo from Kagoshima Prefecture), Rice Malt (Domestic Rice)
Koji: White koji Distillation: Normal pressure distillation Alcohol content: 25% Producer: Nishi Shuzo (Kagoshima Prefecture)

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