Chateau Sakaori Koshu i-vines vineyard 2022 720ml

白ワイン 甲州 i-vines vineyard 全体像
白ワイン 甲州 i-vines vineyard ラベル
白ワイン 甲州 i-vines vineyard 裏ラベル

Chateau Sakaori Koshu i-vines vineyard 2022 720ml

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[Chateau Sakaori Koshu i-vines vineyard 2022 ]

Winery products used at the Ise-Shima Summit

Advanced version of Koshu Dry

A dry white wine with a harmonious balance between juicy fruit aromas such as peaches, minerality, and acidity.
Only Koshu grapes grown by i-vines, Yamanashi Prefecture's first agricultural production corporation specializing in cultivating grapes for brewing, headed by Hitoshi Ikegawa, are used.
We maximize the potential of grapes at the stage of the field.

Please enjoy at 9℃ to 12℃ .

・ Excerpt fromChateau Sakaori Winery official website
Chateau Sakaori Winery is a winery that was opened in May 1991 by the Kinoshita Group, which sells imported Western liquors, in Sakaori where you can overlook Kofu City. Based on the group's motto of "selecting the world's best sake", we exchange information on the latest winemaking technology using equipment introduced from various countries and a network of 29 manufacturers in 11 countries around the world. Sakaori Winery exists as a base for producing "world-class Japanese wine" and disseminating it overseas.

Category: white wine / dry
Varieties used: 100 % Koshu from Yamanashi Prefecture
Size: 720ml
Manufacturer: Chateau Sakaori Winery
Production area: Sakeori, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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