Ikeda Winery New Sake Muscat Berry A 2022 750ml

イケダワイナリー 新酒マスカット・ベリーA 2023の全体像
イケダワイナリー 新酒マスカット・ベリーA 2023のラベル
イケダワイナリー 新酒マスカット・ベリーA 2023のラベル左側面
イケダワイナリー 新酒マスカット・ベリーA 2023のラベル右側面
イケダワイナリー 新酒マスカット・ベリーA 2023の裏ラベル

Ikeda Winery New Sake Muscat Berry A 2022 750ml

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[Ikeda Winery new sake Muscat Berry A 2022]

11/3 It is Yamanashi nouveau removal of a ban!

A sweet scent like strawberries and a refreshing fruit flavor.
A fresh red wine with soft tannins.

・Excerpt from the official website of Ikeda Winery Katsunuma, Yamanashi Prefecture, is a very small town, but it is widely known as the birthplace of Japanese wine and is counted as one of the regions that produces high-quality wine.
Winemaker Toshikazu Ikeda was fascinated by wine when he was young, moved to Katsunuma, and started brewing at a winery in the town.
In 1995, he fulfilled his long-cherished dream of becoming independent, and the Ikeda Winery was born in Katsunuma.
For 15 years since its establishment, we have been making wine with a focus on taste.
“Through wine, the hearts of the maker and the drinker communicate.”
That is our ideal at Ikeda Winery.

◆ Spec Category: Red Wine / Light Body Varieties Used: Muscat Bailey A
Size: 750ml
Manufacturer: Ikeda Winery Production area: Katsunuma, Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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