CRAFT GIN IKI KAGURA 2nd edition 700ml

CRAFT GIN IKI KAGURA 2nd editionの全体像
CRAFT GIN IKI KAGURA 2nd editionのラベル
CRAFT GIN IKI KAGURA 2nd editionのラベル左側面
CRAFT GIN IKI KAGURA 2nd editionのラベル右側面
CRAFT GIN IKI KAGURA 2nd editionの裏ラベル

CRAFT GIN IKI KAGURA 2nd edition 700ml

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[CRAFT GIN IKI KAGURA 2nd edition]

Limited to 2000 pieces! Craft gin that goes well with Japanese food

CRAFT GIN IKI KAGURA is a sustainable craft gin based on shochu from Iki no Kura Shuzo, a shochu distillery on Iki Island, the birthplace of barley shochu, and using substandard agricultural products grown in Iki as the main botanicals. is.

The refreshing aroma and sweetness of several types of citrus fruits grown in the sun on the island, and the spiciness of ginger make for a gorgeous and somehow familiar taste.

Iki Retreat Kairi Murakami, a luxury inn on the island of Iki, was involved in selecting the flavors, resulting in a taste that matches Japanese cuisine.
Enjoy it straight, on the rocks, with soda, with tonic, or with hot water, along with sashimi and other seafood.

It is relatively easy to drink, so it is also recommended for craft gin beginners.

◆Spec Ingredients: Authentic shochu, mandarin orange, ginger, juniper berry, etc. Botanicals: Reiko (mandarin orange), new ginger, old ginger, juniper berry,
Haruka (mandarin orange), yuzu, orange, asparagus, tree bud, sea urchin shell, hot spring ingredients Alcohol content: 40 degrees Size: 700 ml
Manufacturer: Iki no Kura Sake Brewery Production area: Nagasaki Prefecture

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